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The Value of Doing a "Vanity Search" on your company or yourself using  Internet Search Engines

What do we mean by the term “Vanity Search?” People are using the internet to search for information about companies, service providers or people that they may be interested in doing business with . . .

Oftentimes, companies or individuals may utilize the internet search engines (Google in particular) to find out what info is “out there” about your company or you. 

It may be a potential employer that is looking for information about you before a hiring decision. Or it may be a company thinking about doing business with you. Or it might be your former college roommate from years ago that wants to track you down, because he/she has lost your contact information. It’s important to understand what information is “out there” about you or your company. Especially if you own your own company or are in business for yourself.
So let’s try it – it can be fun - do a vanity search!

1. Go to the Google search engine:

2. Type your name or your company name into the Google Search Bar. When you type it in, enclose your entire name in quotation marks as shown below: “john smith” or “your company name” - If you have fairly common name like “john smith” it might be best to include your geographic location to eliminate search results that aren’t you. So for example, if you reside or work in Tampa, type this in as follows:

“john smith” tampa florida
or “your company name” tampa florida

3. Look at the search results that come up! If you have a website, then your own website should certainly come up at or near the top of the list. (If it doesn’t some search engine optimization for your site may be needed!) Hopefully the information that is “out there” about you or your company is positive! Your own website information may appear in the results, or possibly you have been written up in a local newspaper that posts it’s articles on-line.
    Usually, it’s a lot of fun to do a vanity search. Use this method yourself if you are thinking abut hiring someone or doing business with a company —it’s worthwhile to take a few minutes and see what information is at your fingertips. This information may be very helpful to you in understanding the services offered by a company you are thinking about hiring. It may provide insight into some noteworthy accomplishments that they have achieved. It may save you some time and make your decision process a lot easier, as well as less time consuming. Be an internet detective!

What if you type in your company name and not much of anything (of substance) comes up in the search results? You may want to consider an Internet Marketing optimization program. Or what if you don't like the information that comes up? For example, an unfavorable newspaper article from last year. In either case, an internet marketing campaign can help! Contact JCR Enterprise for assistance. Many websites show directories (in essence on-line telephone books) of local/ regional/ national businesses within certain market segments.
A business associate you hired to do consulting for you may have you listed on their client list on their website. Or a professional association you are a member of may have you or your company listed on their membership list. These are all good intentions and probably very good visibility for you or your company.

Show that you are a computer geek after all! Use “Google” as a verb and show that you speak the language.  For example, you can say, “I googled you, and found the following information on the internet. . .”

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Search Engine Vanity Search

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